Your Next Data Based Marketing Campaign Has Never Been So Easy

Data Based Marketing

Your Next Data Based Marketing Campaign Has Never Been So Easy

Make your next data based marketing campaign an easy winner by contacting DigDev Direct and acquire new customers immediately.

As you look to grow your business—big or small, identifying the ideal consumers and reaching them can be daunting. Word-of-mouth referrals, print ads and accidental web surfing are not enough to guarantee a boost in sales and ongoing acquisition of new customers. You need the power of data based marketing from an industry leader and business-savvy team of experts, DigDev Direct. With high-powered clients throughout the nation, DigDev gives you access to the intelligence you need from over 140 different sources, including public records, telephone connects, professional licensing records, association affiliations, shipping records, business directories, annual reports and websites. Within this business information repository, we have about 42 million contact names at 19 million unique locations segmented by geography, contact title, business location, company type, number of employees, sales revenue, size of business, type of owner and more. These multi-sourced contacts are an exclusive and comprehensive reference to help you grow your B2B initiatives.

We also offer a foolproof and cost-effective appending service that eliminates the challenge of redundancy and error in mass messaging. With our database email marketing capabilities, our analytical engineers will ‘cleaning’ your records. This ensures that our multi-prong approach to digital campaigns will use the correct mobile numbers and e-addresses that benefit your business the most. You will own the appended information, so you can converse on multiple platforms seamlessly and efficiently. You can differentiate between leads and existing customers. With tailored messages, you’ll benefit from a more positive in-tune reputation among your customers. And you’ll save precious time investing in interested consumers as opposed to chasing down those who aren’t interested anyway. These tech hygiene services will dramatically increase the power of your information and consequently boost return on investment. Your campaign will cost you less in the long run. Moreover, you can be the judge of how well your campaign is running by being able to measure the success of its online deployment instantaneously. Let DigDev Direct use its powerful storehouse of information to fuel your campaign today.

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