Reopening With A New, Proven Marketing Strategy

Reopening With A New, Proven Marketing Strategy

As businesses begin to reopen, there will be plenty of eagerness to see consumers flood back in. Some businesses like dentistry, cosmetic treatment, gyms and restaurants, may see an immediate surge in consumer interaction. However, there are others that may take a bit more time as people are just starting to get back to work, but do not yet have the funds to buy new services and products, especially if they are not for immediate need. So, even though you are reopening, you need to have a strong marketing campaign that encourages the consumer to take an action but also gives them a reason to follow your brand for potential long-term business.

Email Marketing

Considered the most cost-effective way to reach consumers, email allows you to target an audience that matches the criteria of your ideal consumer. Whether it’s their age, geo, credit score, job title, or something else, this is the most affordable way to reach millions of people, not only to introduce your brand but to give them incentive to shop with you.

Social Media

One thing that has been noticed among businesses during the last several months is that social media engagement and time spent on phones is up over 20%. That’s a staggering number considering how high those stats usually are. It would be smart to take advantage of this and focus on not just promotional content, but educational content that hooks people in.


Yes, SEO is a long-term play and something that takes months to develop. However, in the immediate time, it can also add an extra benefit in that it builds up your web presence and protects the reputation of your brand. If someone sees an ad from you and goes to Google your company, what they find could have a larger impact on whether or not you get the sale than what your promotion is.


If your site generates a good amount of traffic, or if you are planning a marketing campaign that will send more traffic to you, then retargeting is a must. Again, some consumers may not be ready to buy immediately, and retargeting will allow you to follow those consumers around with ads for the next 90 days.

Reopening America is at the top of everyone’s priority list, but we have to remember that the mindset of the consumer is going to be different. These marketing options will benefit you and provide potential long-term connections with consumers.

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