Why 2020 Is The Year Of SEO

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Why 2020 Is The Year Of SEO

You’ve heard about SEO for years. In many ways, SEO was the original form of digital marketing where companies battled for position. Domains, content, links and keywords where all you needed for a top a top page ranking. Now, that’s just a start. Now you see results in 7-10 months instead of weeks. Now you have to do everything by the book and still wait. There are no shortcuts and to make matters more frustrating, you are battling for one of 15-20 spots instead of 1-10. So why are we talking about SEO for 2020?

Let’s start with one word, conversions. Google AdWords is more expensive than ever and it’s conversion rates are lower than ever. Social media, email, programmatic ads and direct mail give you branding and traffic but they are not conversion tools. If you want real conversions you will have to invest in SEO, but not just obvious keywords. Long-tail keywords are generating higher conversion rates than short-tail. It actually makes sense when you think about it. The longer the keyword, the more specific the user is trying to be which is why you see better results. 

Along with that, the best email and social media campaigns have one thing in common, they lead customers to Google to research a company before they decide whether or not to buy from the business that’s advertising to them. You aren’t going to buy anything online, especially from a single ad, unless you trusted the company you are buying from. Where does that trust come from? By doing your homework on Google and that’s where search engine optimization changes the game. 

Companies who invest in this service will see a better ROI on their other marketing efforts. Those who don’t, will struggle and overpay for services. The stronger and larger your keyword list, the better the chances of the right consumer finding you during the decision making process. You can’t thrive online without a strong Google presence and there are no shortcuts unless you want to waste thousands of dollars in marketing. Yes, this is a long-term play but the rewards are there to be gained if you have the awareness and patience to earn it. 

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