The Rule Of 3,2,1 When It Comes To Conversions

The Rule Of 3,2,1 When It Comes To Conversions

Conversions are a tricky thing in marketing. Businesses look at conversions as sales. Marketing agencies look at conversions as getting a qualified consumer to visit your site and take an action whether it’s a phone call, form fill or something else. Marketing is like diving into the stock market. The costs are what they are, and you are hoping to work with an agency who understands your goals and can put you in the best position to succeed. There are no guarantees, but the right agencies yield a better return on your investment.

You’ve probably been burned by a marketing agency in the past, but you have to ask yourself, what mistakes did you make? Did you have unrealistic expectations? Did you not contribute a high enough budget? Did you have a poor Google and SEO presence? Were you hitting consumers on the wrong platforms? Did you not do your homework on the agency you hired? Did you hire an agency that only specializes in a few services rather than one that can create a custom package that works best for you?

Let’s put all that aside because it doesn’t matter anymore. What matters now is righting the ship when it comes to your marketing. You need to identify the best ways to market your brand and a realistic budget to generate long-term success. You want conversions and most respectable agencies will not promise that. All they can do is drive people to your site.

So, What Works?

Frequency. It’s that simple. Few people are going to go online, see and ad and decide to buy something from you. That’s why you see commercials from the same companies over and over again. They know you know who they are, they know you’ve seen these commercials a dozen times. But the more you see them, the higher the chances are that you will buy from them when you do need their products or services. People buy from what they know because they feel like it’s a safer decision.

Beyond frequency, the best way to generate sales is to understand which platforms and services produce the highest number of conversions. This is where you learn about the rule of 3,2,1.

Retargeting 3%: Retargeting works by showing ads to people who have already visited your site. It offers the highest ROI of all digital marketing services because it focuses on frequency and making sure that people are constantly seeing your brand and being urged to go back to your site or to call you.

SEO 2%: If someone goes to Google to research something that means they are invested to find information. If they find you on Google via SEO, you have a very high chance of them contacting you because that means they took the time to look through other companies and clicked on your site for a reason.

Google AdWords 1%: There’s a reason why companies spend thousands of dollars a month on PPC. They need to make sure that are found at the top of the page on important keywords and can get that immediate traffic from interested parties.

Obviously, the results of these three services and others will very, especially when it comes to conversions. It comes down to several things including the functionality of your site, your pricing, what kind of traffic you are generating, if the consumer is ready to buy now or is just looking for info.

If you are putting real money into your marketing efforts and you are not seeing conversions that you are happy with, ask yourself if you have a strong Google presence and are using retargeting. If not, that may be the reason you are struggling, and you should look into changing that first and foremost.

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