Utilizing Data For Your Black Friday Sales

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Utilizing Data For Your Black Friday Sales

Data is a wonderful thing. It can drop the cost per acquisition down 40%-50% and give you an opportunity to reach consumers on multiple platforms, any number of times. As you look for ways to reach consumers to announce your Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, data can be your hero. The problem is that you either do not have it or you do not know how to use it. If you are just sending out emails, that’s a good start but that’s only the fraction of its potential.

The use of a comprehensive database allows you to reach consumers on multiple fronts including direct mail, email, social media and with programmatic ads. That sounds great but what’s the point in all of it? How does that help you reach a consumer and get more sales?

Think of that question a little differently. Look at your competitor who doesn’t have use of a comprehensive database like that. They have to rely on basic targeting on social media, running random ads throughout the web, paying extra for marketing like television and newspaper ads and so forth. They can’t target their audience the way they want so they have to pay way more than you do just to get the same reach you are getting for a fraction of the price. Even better, that’s just to hit the audience once. They have to pay more and more if they want to reach the audience multiple times, which is the only way to generate real sales.

With the use of such a reliable data bank, you now have an edge over the competition and can skip wasted marketing ad revenue and instead focus your time and money on reaching the right audience, consistently. As you look for ways to get an edge on the competition this holiday shopping season, there’s no better or more cost-effective way to do it than the use of a data bank.

Imagine knowing who your ideal customer is. Then, you send them an email, social media ads, a postcard in the mail and then they get another email followed by ads that appear on apps and websites they visit. That’s how you get real traction from your marketing for Black Friday and Cyber Monday and that’s something your competitors can’t do because they do not have access to the same information that you do because you work with DigDev Direct.

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