It’s Easy to Create Email Marketing That Drives Traffic to Your Website

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It’s Easy to Create Email Marketing That Drives Traffic to Your Website

To create email marketing that will convince customers to visit your website and purchase your goods and services, contact DigDev Direct, the worldwide experts in digital advertising and watch your brand thrive.

Do you feel like your computer’s inbox is overflowing? Are you swimming in a flood of messages? If you’re like most people, you receive an average of 120 electronic messages every day. So as a company trying to stand out among the spam and the junk, you may be wondering how you create email marketing that gets noticed in a deluge of correspondence.DigDev Direct, a worldwide leader in targeted digital advertising can set up your plan with our state-of-the-art technology, superior data repository of addresses to drive traffic to your website and position your brand for success. The process is fast and easy. With an HTML ad, subject line, from line, seed list and suppression file (if applicable), we can usually test your creative within hours and deploy the entire plan with 24 hours of client approval. No worry of repeat or erroneous recipients. Our data hygiene is impeccable so we guarantee real people will receive your message in real time, gathering information on permanent or temporary non-deliverables, honoring all opt-outs (suppressions) within 10 days and flagging and updating our records accordingly. Our 14-point checklist guarantees maximum impressions for every message, and you can have peace of mind that we comply with all the points of the Can-Spam Act of 2003.

Our customer satisfaction and attention to detail have been met by high praise from hundreds of clients around the world. We serve all industries, including finance, banking, telecommunications, retail, entertainment, automotive, government, healthcare, travel, insurance, hospitality and ad agencies, among others. We create email marketing campaign tools for entrepreneurs, family-owned businesses or global conglomerates. Big or small, our clients rely on our 24/7 customer service to deliver results. Moreover, with our innovative search-originated strategy, we can identify the exact users who are seeking your products or services. Studies show that this type of approach results in high click-through rates. With more than 280 million permission-based electronic addresses of consumers and a data storehouse of 300-attribute subscriber attributes, we have the resources to launch and sustain your digital advertising plan. Learn how our data intelligence, data delivery and our multi-channel strategy set us apart from our competitors.Make every message count. Contact DigDev Direct and trust us to help you grow your business.

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