Targeting A New Audience With Email Marketing Campaigns

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Targeting A New Audience With Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing is not just a cost-effective way to reach a new audience and introduce your company and any promotions you are offering, it’s also a very affordable way to test out new audiences and see if they are responsive to your products or services. One of the challenges with marketing is that it’s highly recommended that you test different campaigns and try hitting different types of people to see what works best. However, that takes time and money and using platforms like Google, Facebook, app marketing and so forth can be effective, but also cost a bit more than you would like to spend just to run tests.

If that’s the case and you are working with a strict budget, then email marketing is the best and most cost-effective way to see what audiences will respond to your ads. A great example of this is with a store that sells jewelry online. The majority of these businesses will target women in their ads because men do not actively shop for jewelry. In cases of anniversaries, Christmas, birthdays, Valentine’s Day and so forth, men will typically go to the first site or store they find and shop from there. However, if during one of these holiday periods, or just a random point of the year, you wanted to send out a test campaign targeting men who are married and have an income of over $50,000 a year, the best way to do that is with email.

Also, it’s important to remember that email offers you a way to target an audience unlike other platforms. Social media cannot target someone based on their job title, income, credit score or whether or not they own a home or rent. Why? Because the consumer doesn’t provide that information when they set up an account. If these or similar selects are relevant to your advertising efforts, then sending emails is a smart and affordable option, especially when it comes to running tests.

One thing that you need to remember with testing is that you cannot expect to send a single ad and get a response. Because this is a new group you are targeting, you need to introduce your brand the first time and then hit the same group at least 3-4 more times in order to truly know if you were able to get a response from them. Few people will buy something from a company they’ve only seen once unless they are addressing a need or want. That’s why sending out multiple campaigns to the audience is the best way to know if you are going to get any long-term value from marketing to them.

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