5 Call To Actions That Work Great For Retail

5 Call To Actions That Work Great For Retail

Consumers love to be educated. Advertising is a chance to educate the consumer in a very short period of time. The good news, most consumers do not want to spend a lot of time researching. They want instant gratification, they want to see an ad for a sale, click on the ad and get a great deal and then tell everyone about their purchase and how much they saved.

Your job as a business is to educate the consumer as quickly as possible, give them updates on new products and services as well as a new promotion. There are cost-effective ways of doing this including email marketing and social media advertising. In order to have these campaigns be effective, you need to have solid content, great targeting, good timing and a strong call to action. It is well known that a strong CTA can improve the results of a campaign, especially in retail. Here are 5 of the most popular:

  1. Stay informed: You are not being pushy, you are simply providing the viewer with information about the promotion, products or services. The recipient is interested in getting regular updates on what you are offering, and they are giving you permission to keep them updated.
  2. Buy now: There’s little room for misunderstanding this CTA. You’ve presented a highly targeted consumer with your ad and you’ve made it easier than ever for them to purchase your products.
  3. Learn more: This is a good one if you have a new product or service coming out. Rather than trying to focus on sales, you want to educate the consumer. Remember, while most people do like instant gratification, there are still a large number of consumers who want to learn about what they may eventually purchase. Giving them the opportunity to do that is a great start to developing a long-term relationship between your brand and the consumer.
  4. Get yours today: This creates a sense of urgency. Don’t wait until tomorrow, you may miss your chance, we don’t have that many in stock.
  5. Send me specials now: This provides the consumer with the opportunity to only be informed whenever you are having a big promotion. That’s important because it tells them that whenever they see an email from you, it’s information about a big sale you are having. This means they are excited whenever they see your name come up in their messages. However, if you use this CTA, make sure that you only send them promotional content.

Email marketing campaigns that feature a strong call to action outperform those that do not. If you are getting a new campaign ready and you are putting together your ad, do not overlook the value a strong CTA will have.

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