The Best Call To Actions For The Automotive Industry

The Best Call To Actions For The Automotive Industry

Whether it’s email marketing, ads on social media or display, pay per click ads or something else, every ad that’s ran needs to have a strong call to action. Most people think that a CTA isn’t important, that it doesn’t make a difference. Studies have proven that viewers of ads will respond more often to ads with a strong CTA than they will to ads that do not have one.

If you are planning on sending out an email campaign for an upcoming sale, the CTA needs to be easy to see, usually in the upper third of the ad, and lead people to a page or action that will benefit them. For example, if you are trying to educate people on a new line of trucks you are carrying, you want the call to action to motivate them to seek out more information. Here are some of the most popular CTA’s in the automotive industry:

  • Find Your Next Car: One of the best CTA’s. It’s simple, motivates the viewer and shows them that you are not wasting their time. Clicking this link send you directly to the site where you will be able to find your next vehicle. If you are using this, make sure that the page the recipient lands on has a great selection of vehicles.
  • Send Me Specials Now: This is your chance to build a long-term relationship with the viewer. They may not be interested in buying a car right now, but they want to get updates on new selections, new opportunities and ways they can save.
  • Call Now: Simple but direct. You are giving them the option to call to learn more about the special you are running like a leasing deal or something else. This is a popular CTA for car dealers because it may not get as many responses, but the people responding are serious about getting more information about your offer.
  • Sign Up Now: Whether it’s a contest, a chance to get updates on promotions or something else, this is a simple way of getting people to join your database so that you can communicate with them throughout the month and especially whenever you have a big sale coming up.
  • Learn More: If you are sending out information about a new promotion, services or even a new selection, Learn More is simple, it’s not pushy but it still motivates the viewer to engage.

Email marketing with a strong call to action is one of the best ways to generate fast traffic and put your selection in front of interested viewers on platforms they are constantly using. When you combine this with display and social media advertising and utilize the same CTA, you will start to see a real interest in your brand, your selection and your promotion. Don’t forget to motivate the viewer on your next ad.

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