Linking Your Marketing Efforts Together

Linking Your Marketing Efforts Together

Like most small businesses, you have several options when it comes to marketing to your audience. You have to determine which ones are going to produce the best results but also how they can benefit you in different ways. For example, a restaurant is going to benefit the most from email marketing and social media. However, that doesn’t mean they should abandon something like SEO. Whenever someone researches your restaurant, you want to make sure that they are seeing positive things about you, not stuff that your competitors want them to see. It also puts you in a good location if someone is not sure where to go to eat in your area.

The most common digital marketing options include SEO, PPC, social media, email, display, retargeting and more. You can do one of these or you can do them all depending on the industry you are in as well as your budget. However, if you are doing more than one you need to understand the value and advantages of linking all these efforts together including:

  • Brand recognition: How often does a television commercial work? It’s nearly impossible to say but every year, businesses put millions of dollars into it. Why? Because of brand recognition. A consumer sees the ad over and over again and the next time they need your product or service, see it in the store or hear someone recommend it, they remember your name and buy from you. That familiarity is essential to getting more sales because people want to be familiar with whom they are buying from.
  • Traffic versus conversions: Someone sees your brand on social media, gets an email from you, sees banner ads you are running and so forth, they are eventually going to visit your site. However, you can also get a great amount of conversions by being found where they are looking for your products and services. Whether they go to Google, Facebook or somewhere else, you want to have a real presence on those sites. Passive marketing offers a higher conversion rate because the person is looking for something and not just sent an ad.
  • Larger presence: The goal is to link everything together. If you are already on page one of Google, you are still at a disadvantage because you have a lot of competition. The same can be said if you are on Amazon, eBay or any other site that sells stuff. However, if a consumer has seen your ad multiple times and then sees you on a site they go to for information or to shop, you stand a higher chance of getting that sale then your competition because they’ve seen your ads before.

You can connect all your marketing efforts one way or another. The goal is to keep showing people your brand, knowing the more times they see it, the closer they will be to making a purchase. There’s a reason why these businesses spend millions of dollars on television commercials, even though they cannot track the ROI. You don’t have to go the expensive route, but there are things you can do that will get results and put your name out there.

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