Marketing Tips For Businesses Impacted By Travel

Marketing Tips For Businesses Impacted By Travel

Traveling is now easier, and in some cases, more affordable than ever. Anyone can plan an entire vacation via their phone including booking hotels and plane tickets, renting a car or getting a lift to somewhere, planning which sites to see and restaurants to eat at and so much more. The issue isn’t with the person planning the trip, it’s with the business that is trying to get the attention of the traveler.

How do you get your tourist attraction, hotel, restaurant or other type of business noticed by these travelers? There are two main challenges you face with this situation, the first is that you have a lot of competition and you need to find a way to stand out from the pack. The other challenge is that you cannot pinpoint where the leads will come from. For example, if you have a hotel in Miami, your customers can come from all around the world. That’s why you cannot market to only people from New York or Philadelphia.

So, how do you market your business so that travelers not only find you, but have an interest in using your products or services?

  1. Email marketing: This is a cost-effective way to cast a very wide net. You can target people based on interests, including traveling, their income, where they live and more. While it doesn’t make sense for you to try and reach everyone, if you have a feature or location that appeals to parents with young children, you can start sending ads out to them throughout the country.
  2. Social media: This is another great feature because you can constantly post images and videos of your location. Whenever someone goes on social media to research that location, your posts will come up, introducing them to your brand and services. You can also display ads to the same people who received your email, ensuring that they see your content multiple times.
  3. SEO/PPC: One of the best ways to be found by people researching things in your area is to be found on the top page of Google. If someone goes to the top search engine and searches for hotels in Miami or anything else, coming up on the top pages is the best way to get that person to visit your site.
  4. Retargeting: Whether it’s with email marketing, social media, SEO/PPC or something else, if someone visits your site you do not want to lose that chance to make them familiar with your brand. Every website should have retargeting because it allows you to follow that visitor around for months and show them ads and new promotions.

Targeting people who may travel to your location is not easy, especially when it comes to digital marketing. However, if you utilize these services, you have a better chance of reaching the right audience at a more cost-effective rate than other platforms.

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