How DigDev Direct Can Help Your Marketing Agency

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How DigDev Direct Can Help Your Marketing Agency

Own a marketing agency and looking for ways to generate more revenue? Ok, that sounded a little too 2am infomercial. However, the goal of every business is to make more money but the challenge for many of them is to find a way to get new customers in. While you are focused on that, wouldn’t it be nice if you could make more money off of your current clients? That sounds great but how can you do that and still deliver the same elite quality work for them that has kept them your client for years?

This is where other agencies throughout the country rely on DigDev Direct to help. When their clients require marketing services like email marketing, social media management, SEO or Google AdWords management, they call on DigDev Direct to fulfil those needs. Why? Let’s begin with the fact that DigDev has over ten years of experience fulfilling the needs of marketing agencies around the country and that many of our services are white labeled by companies of all sizes. For example, if your agency has an automotive client who you are currently managing their social media and SEO, you can call on us to add email marketing and programmatic ads to the campaign for the upcoming promotion this month.

How Does White Labeling Work?

The reason so many agencies get involved in this is because they want to provide exceptional service to their customers, and they know that the cost and time it would take to expand their own personnel would be too great to cover those costs. Instead, they work with their clients to identify which services will benefit them the most. Then, they contact us for information on how we can fulfill those needs and take care of the client.

We work for you which means you can rely on our services for each and every one of your clients. Every service we offer comes with full reporting to ensure that you will be able to provide reliable information to your client showing that the work was done and what the results of the campaign were. If you are interested in learning more about how we can assist your agency, feel free to contact us today.

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