Don’t Be Shy About Your Marketing

Don’t Be Shy About Your Marketing

We’ve all seen a bad commercial. The images stink, the acting looks bad and it’s annoying to the eyes and especially the ears. The worst part is that those commercials are shown over and over again. Why do these companies show this stuff to us? Because they know that even though their commercial is bad, it’s going to leave an impression with you and you will remember it more than something that is good.

That doesn’t mean you should do low-quality ads. However, it does bring up a good point about frequency of advertising. The marketing landscape has in many ways shifted to focus on impressions. There are so many distractions and the idea that you can send a single ad and get a response is no longer feasible. You have to send a consumer the same ad or similar ones, again and again. This not only establishes your brand and promotion, but it creates a familiarity which will lead to even more business down the road. A great example of this is retargeting. When someone visits your website, retargeting kicks in and broadcasts your ads on other websites they visit. These ads follow them around and encourage them to come back to your site.

How Often Should I Send My Ads?

There are different types of ads and the frequency of which you send them out will vary. For example, display ads need to be shown every day, as often as possible. The focus of this particular ad is to maximize impressions because they have a lower click-through-rate. However, they are very affordable and are a great way to reach consumers, even if they are not looking for your products or services at this time. The same strategy works for social media as you want to be found again and again by the viewer.

Email marketing is a little different. You should send out a campaign once every couple of weeks, even if it’s just to update the recipient of something your company is doing. However, if you are having a big sale coming up, you want to make sure that you are getting the word out. Send an email out a couple of weeks before the sale, then one the week of the sale and finally another the day the sale starts.

You may be concerned about annoying a consumer, having them unsubscribe to your list or something else. That’s understandable but the best way to get someone to finally click on your ad, visit your site and buy something from you is to make sure they see you again and again. Don’t be shy about your marketing, send it out.

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