Using Your Data To Get More Social

Using Your Data To Get More Social

What does it mean to utilize data? Most people would talk about sending an email to the consumer or even a postcard. Maybe running some ads to them on sites they visit or something else. You can even call them or send a text, but that creates fewer results because people feel like it’s an invasion of privacy. You know that you need to frequently hit the consumer with ads and that’s why you send out email campaigns two or three times a month. You are seeing results, but you need to see more, and you feel that your data is going to waste.

The problem is that you are not being social with your data. You are able to upload these records to Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn and send ads to those users and a look-a-like audience. Why is this valuable?

  1. You can target an audience far better than these social media sites allow you to target because now you can focus on attributes like income, if they own a home, marital status, who they vote for, their credit score, personal interests, age and so much more.
  2. You also now have the advantage of hitting the same audience. Rather than hoping someone sees the ad multiple times, you know that you are sending it to the right person. If someone is seeing your ad via email and then sees the same ad on Facebook, chances are your brand is going to stick in their mind.
  3. Also, did you know that people retain information they get off of social media higher than almost any other method of digital use? When people are on their phones, the world seems to stop moving around them. Their attention is more focused than it is with television or radio.

Social media marketing is a definite add on for your digital strategy. However, by being able to hit the same audience that you are with email, you are increasing your chances of getting the attention of someone and getting them to sign up with you. You also can encourage them to sign up for free promotions, invite friends to join, follow your page and keep them updated on new products and services.

One of the other advantages of being more social with your data is that you can also identify who matches the attributes of your current audience and market to them as well. For example, maybe you need to market to people based on target selects that are not offered with Facebook but because you uploaded a large list of people to market to, the platform can identify a similar audience and expand your reach to a new audience.

If you want to see faster and more effective results, then you need to add social to your database marketing.

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