Passive Vs Active Marketing

Passive Vs Active Marketing

Every business needs to market themselves. However, the most effective way to market yourself is going to be based on your location, industry, goals, budget, resources and other factors.

Most companies need to rely on multiple forms of marketing to get the best results. Some methods work better for short-term and some are better suited for long-term campaigns. When done correctly, these different strategies can work together to help build your brand and tap into a dependable source of traffic.

Understanding Active Marketing

Every time you see a commercial on television, that’s an example of active marketing. The company is paying to have their ad broadcasted to thousands or millions of people. They are actively introducing their brand as well as their promotion to an audience.

Why Is Email The Best Form Of Active Marketing?

“Hello, My Name Is____ And This Is What I Can Do For You”

For starters, email is more cost effective than running ads on the radio or television, printing flyers or renting a billboard. The tracking is far better as well as you can see how many people opened the message and clicked on the links to go to your site. The other advantage of email is that you can target your audience. That’s something other forms of active marketing do not allow. You can select an audience based on age, gender, political affiliation, income, location, marital status, interests and much more.

Even better, email allows you to directly introduce your brand and your promotion to a consumer. The message will reach them on their phone, computer and tablet and a recurring campaign is a great way to build brand awareness.

Understanding Passive Marketing

“Be Seen By Those Who Are Looking For You”

When you create a piece of content; a video, a blog, a press release, a picture, you are putting it onto the web, not necessarily to be immediately seen but to be found by those who are looking for that information. By creating these “footprints” you are visible to millions of people online via search engines, social media sites and other platforms where they are seeking information and become reliant on you as a credible source.

Why Is SEO The Best Form Of Passive Marketing?

3.5 billion! That’s how many searches are done on Google each day. That doesn’t include other search engines like Bing and Yahoo. Is it worth it to be on sites that get that many searches a day? More importantly, you are being found by consumers who are looking for you, your products and your services.

Remember the Yellow Pages? You would have your company listed there and when someone needed your service or products they would go there to find the company that would best fit their needs. SEO is the same exact concept but now you can put yourself in front of a much larger audience and offer more information.

Understanding the advantages each option presents to your business is important. By combining active and passive marketing efforts, you will see faster results while also setting your company up for long-term success as your digital footprint can be easily found by those who are looking for you as well as those who aren’t.

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