Featured Snippet Opportunities That Can Boost Your Internet Marketing

Snippet Opportunities that can boast your marketing by DigDev Direct

Featured Snippet Opportunities That Can Boost Your Internet Marketing

Getting snippets featured on Google search engine results is a blessing. It helps your website get ranked higher. When your target keywords gets ranked higher you’ll also receive more traffic. All of which increases your bottom-line. Featured snippet types can be seen as paragraphs, images, lists, or tables. How these featured snippets are revealed are based on how you layout your website.

3 Things Needed For Your Featured Snippet

  1. Keyword Research
  2. Questions Answered
  3. Top Ranking Keywords & URL’s



The foundation of all internet campaigns are your – top keywords. Keywords are always needed to be updated and changed, especially the ones that aren’t producing. If you’re using a Pay-Per-Click campaign for your internet marketing then you’ll familiar with constantly upgrading your keyword research tool.


Snippets are usually based on questions that people are looking to get answered on the search engine results. You’ll want to include your keywords into the questions that you’ve answered on your website. This increases your chances of getting your snippet featured. It’s not a bad idea to place five to ten questions on your top pages and to answer those questions on the very same page along with a correlating image.


Your top keywords have the best chance at getting ranked on the search engines. There are multiple ways to use your top keywords ranked. You can take your short keywords and create long keyword phrases from them. Sprinkle these words throughout your website’s content primarily in the H1, title, and description tags. Also, you’ll want to make sure that you link the long keyword phrases with other pages within your website. The search engines loves it because it gives them a great idea what the page is about.

Google likes to use the images on your page to display in the snippet. Google may swap out other images with your listing that the search engine may think are related. If you’re able to get images on your website that are related to your products or services, you have a great chance of getting your content featured as a snippet. At DigDev Driect we have a professional SEO team that are experienced in getting websites in the best shape possible for the search engines. We’ll be glad to assist your company get ranked on the first page of the major search engines through content marketing, PPC Campaigns, or Email Campaign Blasts.

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