5 Ways To Use Social Listening For Your Business

5 Ways To Use Social Listening For Your Business

With Social Listening there are multiple ways to take advantage

  1. Customer Service

Timing is important – always has and always will. Especially in today’s microwave society where nearly everything in business can be done on a smartphone.  Social listening allows you to completely be in touch with your customer base. No one wants to wait days or weeks to get a reply from an issue that have with a particular company or product. The new trend is to go straight to social media and make their complaint. At the same token people are posting their compliments on Facebook and Twitter, which is what every business wants – positive word of mouth!

Our social media marketing team at DigDev learned that paying attention to what people are asking for or are concerned with can payoff huge dividends.

  1. Generate Sales Leads

The big Yellow Pages book has become obsolete, which was replaced with the internet and social media. All one would have to do is conduct a quick search on any social media platform and they’ll be able to find what they’ll looking for.

At DigDev Direct we specialize in generating sales leads for our customers. We can assist you by conducting an email campaign, social media marketing, or PPC campaign.

  1. Support Marketing Campaigns

Another golden nugget that social listening provides is a boast to your social media marketing.  Getting customers involved with your online marketing helps big time when you’re able to get them to share a hashtag – it’s the new word of mouth. Engaging your fans, customers, or clients pays off when it comes to keeping your brand relevant. We’ve had huge success with this for our clients from all sorts of industries.


  1. Protect Your Image

This probably should’ve been number one on the list. People can damage or cause confusion regarding your brand so easily with social media. Back in the day your competitors would write a press release and/call your associates with something negative to say. Now, all they must do is use your popular hashtags and tag you in the posts, if they want to be devious.

By social listening you can exterminate the fire on the spot without allowing your company or reputation to go up in flames.


  1.  Get Inspiration For Your Content Marketing 

At times, it’s extremely difficult to come up with new content and topics to cover. Bloggers, writers, and professors can all relate. Social listening can help tremendously with writer’s block. Try going to Twitter and use a hashtag that you think your customer base are using to solve a problem for example, #CarProblems. This simple step will give you new motivation.


All DigDev Direct to conduct social listening for you and your brand today! We’d love to help you maximize your profits.

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