Marketing During Women History Month

Marketing During Women History Month

Marketing During Women History Month

March is a very exciting month for women all over the world. It’s even a bigger time of the year for businesswomen. Marketing your company’s services and/or products during this month can be very lucrative, if it’s done correctly. The general public is normally more anxious to support women during Woman’s History Month. It’s obvious why, if you’re a Boss Lady, but as for our businessmen in Corporate America, below are a few reasons that may spark your interest.

Why Increase Your Marketing Your Business In March

For starters…there are over 445 billion reasons why. The beauty industry made an incredible $445 billion in 2017. It is that those women are the driving force behind this highly successful industry. Companies from all over the world are preparing themselves for a huge public relations or Internet marketing campaign push.

Also, it shows that your business isn’t stuck in the caveman era, when wives were stay-at-home moms while the dad worked all day to provide for the family. Oh my! How the times has changed! It also helps you get support for your brand from women, which happens to be the number one consumer of goods and services.  Women drive 70-80% of all consumer purchasing, through their buying power and influence. Their influence alone holds a lot of power through social media.

Women will make purchases for their children, husband, and grandparents – 3 Fold Marketing Effect. Women usually purchase the food, the clothes, and household items for the home. By getting women on your side as brand ambassadors – you’re in pretty good hands when it comes to word of mouth.

Take Full Advantage of An Email Marketing Campaign

A great email marketing campaign that celebrates women of history that paved the way for the women of today is a great idea! Try having a sale for a week or the whole month of March. Now, to really take advantage of the full benefits of an email marketing campaign, incorporate Facebook advertising with Facebook retargeting.

The ability to send an advertisement to millions of people in a week’s time to promote a sale is a powerful tool that email marketing places at your figure tips. You’re almost guaranteed to reach above a 12% click-through rate in your pay-per-click campaign. At DigDev Direct our fulfillment team specializes in reaching over 280 million people via email marketing.  Whether you want to celebrate former first ladies, Michelle Obama or Eleanor Roosevelt, take advantage of the marketing wave of March. We’ll be more than happy to assist you reach the ROI your business deserves – just give us a call or send us an email from our website:

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