Call To Action, How To & Where To Use Them

Call To Action, How To & Where To Use Them

You know the importance of a call to action and how it can benefit your marketing campaigns. You’ve seen the research and know that ads with a strong CTA will traditionally outperform those that do not have one. You are trying to put together an ad that is going to generate interest in your promotion and get people to your site. So, where do you begin?

A great place to start is with holidays. Consumers are already looking for stores to drop their prices and those expectations present a great opportunity for you to introduce your promotion to them and get more interest. Targeting is also important as you want to make sure that the recipient is going to be the person who is most likely to respond to your ad. The content is next, and this is also very important. It should reflect your website as far as logo, color scheme and so forth. Remember, if you are doing an email marketing campaign featuring a product that’s on sale, the link needs to send the recipient to a page that resembles the ad and shows them the product immediately.

If they see anything that doesn’t look familiar, they will immediately leave. This is where the call to action comes in. You want it to be on the top third of your content, but under or next to the information about the sale. If it’s too low, they may not see it and if it’s too high they may not be motivated. You can have more than one CTA, but do not have them together.

Make sure that your call to action also reflects the promotion. For example, if you are trying to get sign ups, then your CTA needs to be “Sign Up Today.” You do not want people to click on a link to learn more and they are immediately hit with a page asking them to buy something.

Whenever you are using email marketing you must remember to think like a consumer. When do they want to see the email, how often would they want to see it, what kind of content would interest them, what would motivate a response and more? If you can answer these questions and utilize a strong call to action in your content, you will see an improvement in your campaign and more interest from the recipients. Combine that with using the same strategy for Pay Per Click, display advertising and social media and you will start to build familiarity in your brand that benefits you on future campaigns.


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