Marketing A Startup, Where To Start

Marketing A Startup, Where To Start

At a time where many feel everything is controlled by big business, the fact is that there are more small businesses started each day than ever before. A big reason is because small companies can be started, ran and turn a profit without needing a big office or to spend thousands of dollars on employees and materials. You can start a company out of your home whether you sell something you make, make instructional videos or something else. However, whether you are starting a home business or something much larger, there are certain things you should do to maximize your potential.

  • Build resources: It doesn’t matter what type of business you have, you need to have content. That means you need to have a logo, a website, pictures, videos, blogs, articles, press release and other work that can be shared online and displays you as an established business. If you want customers to take you seriously, you need to be professional. Keep in mind, people will not buy from you if they do not think that you are a reputable company.
  • Identify your audience: It’s important to understand your audience. You do not want to waste any money sending content to the wrong audience. That’s why it’s highly important to target the right people and it begins with doing your homework. Find the people who buy the products or services you are offering whether it’s men or women, certain age groups or people who share a common interest. An important tip is that it may not be as obvious as you think so don’t just assume.
  • Look at the competition: A great way to get started is to take a look at what the competition is doing. Are they getting ranked on SEO, are they doing email marketing, are they active on social media? They have been at this for years and they’ve had successful campaigns as well as failures. That experience has given them the information they need to improve their strategy and it’s a great place for you to look.
  • Display yourself on all platforms: There are a lot of free platforms out there including blogs, social media, business listing or directory sites. Put yourself on all of them. They are free and easy to use, they can help enhance your marketing efforts and it’s also good to make sure you put your information on there rather than someone else doing it. You never know how many potential customers will be browsing one of these sites and find your information.
  • Collect data: Sales are not everything, especially when you are getting started. Start collecting data whether it’s the results of marketing campaigns, potential customers emails or something else. The more data you have, the better you will be able to strategize your next campaign, making it more effective.

Take advantage of free ways to get your name out there. The more times people see your brand, the more comfortable they will be with buying from you. Combining branding with targeting the right audience with quality content and you will be off to a good start.

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