Am I Marketing To The Right Audience?

Am I Marketing To The Right Audience?

Who sees your ads? If you are marketing via email, social media, display or something else, you actually have the opportunity to select your audience. If you properly target an audience for a campaign, that campaign will see a higher number of engagements. If you poorly select your audience, the campaign, despite good creative and content, will struggle. These platforms are very popular because of their targeting opportunities. Rather than randomly sending your ads out, you can select who is going to see them and the targeting can be very specific.

Selecting the Right Audience

The easiest way to determine who should be seeing your ads is to take a look at your past customers. By analyzing your data, even 200-500 records, you can learn so many things about the people who shop with you including their gender, age, location, shopping habits, personal interests, income, types of jobs, if they have children and more. Sometimes, it may seem obvious who your customers are. However, the more information you have on them, the more accurately you can target that type of group for future campaigns.

Selecting Platforms To Reach Your Audience

Multi-channel marketing focuses on reaching a selected group on different sites and platforms. Ideally, in a campaign like this, the consumer would receive an email from you that introduces your brand and promotion. Next, they would start to see your ads all over the web on different sites and apps they visit or use. Then, they would see your ads again, this time on social media. Finally, they receive another email from you, reminding them of your promotion. While this is the most effective way to reach people, it also must be understood that each platform will generate different types of traffic. This is not only due to the difference in platforms and ads, but also the audience you are targeting and the type of business you have.


Before you start developing ads you have to understand the platforms they are being sent out on. For example, if you are sending someone an email and they’ve never heard of you before, do you expect an immediate sale? The same goes with Facebook, display ads and so forth. You have to reach the same user anywhere from 8-18 times before you can expect a real reaction from them. That’s why cost-effective marketing channels are ideal, especially as you try to increase traffic and introduce more consumers to your brand. You cannot run a single campaign on a single platform and expect immediate results. These things take time and when properly done, you will see years of loyal shoppers headed to your site.


If you are doing multi-channel marketing, then you want to make sure that your content looks similar and carries a similar message. For example, there’s no point in sending people an email with green colors if you are running social media ads with blue and red. This will make you appear like a different brand to the viewer and waste your chance of building familiarity. Each platform allows for different types of messaging, sizes and so forth. Utilizing those to your advantage, you can adjust your content accordingly and help it to make more of an impact.

It’s just whether or not you are marketing to the right audience, its which platforms are you to reach them and what type of content are you sending them? If mistakes are made at any of these stages, it will greatly impact the success of your campaign. That’s why, if you are not seeing the results you were expecting to see, it’s a good idea to go back to basics.

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