Am I Utilizing Email Marketing Correctly?

Am I Utilizing Email Marketing Correctly?

Every business can benefit from email marketing. However, if you’ve been running your own campaigns and you are not getting the results you want, it could be time to take a look at your strategy. You may need to reach new consumers, improve your creative or try changing up your tactics. As you begin to look at your current campaigns and find ways of improving your efforts, it’s important that you compare cost-effective options to those that may be more expensive.

Renting Data VS. Acquiring It

If you have a database of 100,000 addresses you’ve acquired over the years then you have a good start. However, expanding on that list is going to cost you money and time. You can run promotions on social media, PPC and even set up booths at events to get more people to sign up. However, all of those methods are going to cost you money and you are spending that money to only get people’s addresses, not to actually make a sale.

When you rent data you are paying far less per record then if you were acquiring it, the list is more accurate because of hygiene requirements and you are able to narrow the field down to location, job field, interests, gender, age, income, political parties and many more variables. You can take that 100,000 and turn it into a million records in one day, without having to spend a dime on a single promotion. If it took you years and thousands of dollars to acquire that list of 100,000 names, how much more time and money would it take you to get ten times that amount?

Ways To Improve Your Campaigns

Once you’ve expanded your list and now have a more sizeable group to send content to, what do you send and how often should you send it? Think of email marketing as a branding tool, you are able to introduce your brand to people as well as your promotion. Depending on the goals of your campaign as well as the industry you are in, you may want to send out your message once a week or once or twice a month. For example, if you are having a Black Friday Sale, you can send that promotion to your list a couple of times starting a few weeks before that Friday. This gives people multiple opportunities to open your message and see your offer.

There are several things you can do to improve your email marketing efforts. Whether it’s expanding beyond your database, improving your creative or something else, you need to keep at it because it’s still the most cost-effective way to advertise online. Just remember, there’s always a way to make it better and get more people to open and click.

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