Here is a Sneak Peek at Black Friday Marketing

Here is a Sneak Peek at Black Friday Marketing

Make The Most Of The Boost In Sales On The Year’s Biggest Retail Weekend:

Whether you own your own retail business or have customers who do, the weekend of Thanksgiving is a make or break weekend. Black Friday & Cyber Monday give you an opportunity to give your sales numbers a strong boost before the end of the year. For some industries and businesses, this weekend can represent anywhere from 10%-40% of their annual revenue. That’s how important this period of the year is and why it needs to be taken seriously.

As you look for ways to effectively and affordably reach consumers, you may come across dozens of options. Here are the three that DigDev Direct provides that will help you reach the right audience:

Email (With Matching Postal Records)
Email marketing is the most cost-effective way to reach consumers during this time of year. Most consumers will rely on ads sent directly to them to make their decisions on what to buy during the holiday shopping season and having your email delivered directly to their inbox is the ideal way to introduce your brand and promotion.

Social Media
All of your competitors will be utilizing social media marketing to reach consumers. So, what makes DigDev Direct different? For starters, we can utilize our database so that the same consumer who receives your email will also see your ads on social media.

Programmatic Ads
Another cost-effective way to reach consumers throughout the web, including their mobile devices, is with programmatic ads. DigDev Direct can also add an extra benefit by displaying your ads to consumers who are actively searching for your products or your competitors.

Special Black Friday Marketing Tips
When it comes to Black Friday, the successful companies will not wait until the week of or even the day of to begin their campaigns. The best way to see a strong ROI is to start hitting audiences with ads, introducing your brand and promotions, weeks before the big shopping weekend!

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