Introducing StartSend, The Best Way To Send Email

Introducing StartSend, The Best Way To Send Email

It’s hard to get ahead of the competition these days, even with email marketing. You spend years and great amounts of money building your own lists. You have giveaways, events, boost promotions and do everything you can just to collect these addresses. The reason all that effort goes into building your own list is because it allows you the ability to keep those consumers updated on new promotions and hopefully increase sales. Unfortunately, that’s what everyone else is doing and you start to see your open rates go down and your bounce rates go up. So how do you separate yourself from everyone else?

Introducing StartSend

StartSend was invented by email marketers for email marketers. The concept is very simple; create a platform that is easy to use while also making sure that the users have more options than they do with other platforms. Here’s what makes us different:

· Data Hygiene Solution: Rather than having your list rejected and in an effort to reduce bounce rate, StartSend has teamed with Brite Verify to offer you the most cost-effective data hygiene solution. You upload your list and it is scrubbed and cleaned to maximize its potential. This process can reduce bounce rates as much as 98% which will drastically increase your opens. Even better, if you use Brite Verify via our credit system you receive a 10% discount.

· Freedom: Because of our experience in the industry, we are able to remove certain restrictions and work with you directly to increase opens and clicks as well as maximize the power of your lists.

· Hands-on Service: Not a fan of your creative? We have a dedicated and experienced creative team standing by to help you design your message to make it pop and increase clicks.

· Top Level Service: This platform was originally built for fortune 500 companies to utilize and maximize the potential of their data. You are now able to use this same platform for an affordable rate.

· Expand: Another great advantage with our system is that you are able to utilize the same creative with your data as well as ours. For example, if you are having a sale this weekend and you are going to send out a message to your list of 100,000 consumers, we can expand that reach by accessing our database of well over 280 million permission based consumer addresses. This can help you expand your reach by millions in a short period of time.

Email marketing is the most cost-effective way to promote sale, increase traffic and quickly see a spike in sales. The StartSend platform now allows you to increase your reach to your own database as well as expand to millions of new consumers. It’s time to take your marketing efforts to the next level and separate yourself from the competition.

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