8 Ways To Improve Your Email Marketing Efforts

8 Ways To Improve Your Email Marketing Efforts

Every business should be running an email marketing campaign. However, if you are not happy with the impact it is having it may be because you are not doing something right or simply have unrealistic expectations. How often do you open a message from someone you’ve never seen or heard of? But if you saw that name over and over again, then you’re more likely to open the message and see what it’s about. If you are new to this form of marketing then you need to make sure you are sending out campaigns frequently to increase visibility and opens. Here are some ways to improve your efforts:

  1. Better subjects: The subject line is important, in fact it is your best chance of getting an open. You need something catchy, that doesn’t look like spam and is also very straight forward.
  2. Better creative: What do people see when they open up your message? Do they see something complicated or do they see a clean, enticing message that encourages them to keep reading and even click?
  3. Build your list: It’s never a bad idea to promote something with the intent of just getting more addresses. For example, you can run a campaign on social media as well as your website that promotes the chance to win a free product or service if you sign up with your email.
  4. Expand your reach: Beyond your own list, you may want to look at ways of expanding your reach by utilize the email marketing capabilities of an agency. They have used multiple outlets to acquire the data and make sure it is clean. So why not utilize that?
  5. Change things up: Don’t throw promotion and sales pitch at your list each and every time. Give your subscribers something else; mix in some news, some helpful tips or something else every now and then.
  6. Give it away: People love free stuff and they also love to be rewarded for being loyal to your company. Have a giveaway each month and make sure that everyone who is interacting with you via messaging is in the running. This will encourage them to interact.
  7. Promote a sale: The real reason people want you to have their addresses is so that they know when you are having a sale. Otherwise, they would just ignore your content unless it appeals to them in another way. You need to have a promotion at least once a month to make sure you are staying relevant.
  8. Don’t be shy: You need to send out a campaign at least once every two weeks. Remember, even if they do not open the message there is a good chance they will see who it is from. That puts your brand in their face and the more often they see it, the more clicks and conversions you can expect.

If you are not sold on the impact email marketing can have for your business then ask yourself why car dealerships, retail stores, travel agencies and other companies give away hundreds of thousands of dollars in free products and services and spend millions of dollars a year on advertising with the main focus being to get more addresses from people? If they are spending that much time, money and resources just to collect this data then maybe you need to take it more seriously as well.

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