When Are You Sending Out Digital Offers?

When Are You Sending Out Digital Offers?

Whether you’re running social media ads, emails, banner ads or even something in the mail, timing is everything in marketing. Business A starts hitting people with social media ads informing them that they have a big Labor Day sale the week before Labor Day. The ads are well written, have creative colors and hit the right audience who are interested in the products or services the company offers. However, despite quality traffic to the site and interest in their ads they do not see a large amount of sales for their efforts. This prompts the business owner or manager to sit down with their marketing team and start pointing fingers.

During the same time, business B utilized the same marketing services, presented the same audience with digital offers, sells the same products or services and is priced exactly the same as business A. During Labor Day weekend, business B sees a record number of sales. So, what’s the difference between the two? Why was one marketing campaign more successful than the other? Both companies are well established and have great reputations on Google. So, it cannot be that one company is stronger online than the other. So, how is it that business A was outperformed by business B by such a wide margin?

Remember that business A started sending out social media ads and emails the week of Labor Day weekend. However, business B started sending out their ads a month in advance. These digital offers did not generate much revenue for the business in the 1st 2 weeks of the campaign but the business stuck with it knowing that the key to success with digital marketing is frequency and brand recognition. When the big holiday weekend finally came up and the consumers were ready to purchase the services or products they wanted, did they go with the company that had only recently started marketing to them, or did they go with the company that has been sending them content for over a month?

That frequency and familiarity with the brand created a level of trust between the consumer and the company.  Because the company was smart enough to know the consumer was going to wait until the holiday weekend to buy anything, they were patient and focused on a branding campaign that would benefit them down the road. Yes, this did cost them more money as far as marketing goes, but they saw a much higher ROI than their competitors and they also established a long-term relationship with those consumers. Remember, when it comes to marketing online the earlier you start the better your chances are for success.

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