Why Email Marketing Needs To Be Part Of Your Marketing Strategy

Why Email Marketing Needs To Be Part Of Your Marketing Strategy

Have you been on the fence about adding email marketing to your campaign? Some companies do not believe in it because they feel like their consumers will look for their services on Google or social media rather than responding to an email. Even if that’s true, you are missing a valuable point of how this form of advertising can be utilized. It now costs thousands of dollars to continuously reach consumers via search engines and social media. Yes, it has a solid ROI which is great, but you need to branch out more. Studies have shown that a consumer is 70% more likely to select a brand they are familiar with, even if that brand costs more, than one they are unfamiliar with.  So, how do you build that familiarity with a consumer?

It can be expensive to run television ads or radio commercials and posting ads in the paper or a magazine doesn’t guarantee reach. However, email marketing allows you to hit hundreds of thousands of consumers for pennies on the dollar of what other platforms would charge and the best part is that even if a consumer doesn’t respond to your email or open it, they still saw your name come up in their inbox. That impression will build familiarity with your brand and give you an advantage if you are ever being compared to your competitors when the consumer is making a decision on who to go with.

Let’s use an example of an air conditioning company. Company A only advertises on Google and has the top spot via PPC. They spend $10 a click and have a budget of $10,000 a month to be there. However, that’s the only form of marketing they do. Company B has a smaller budget and is always listed second on Google behind A. However, they also send out monthly emails to 100,000 consumers in their area, focusing on homeowners. Even if that consumer doesn’t respond to the emails they receive every month, when they head to Google to look for an air conditioning company and see you, they are more likely to click on your ad even though you are not at the top.

People want to go with something they are familiar with and that’s a big reason why email marketing is so important. It’s the most cost-effective and proven way to market to a carefully selected audience and build brand retention. If you are dedicating time and money to other platforms for advertising, you need to research your options for adding email to the mix.

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