Without Digital Direct Marketing you’re missing the Ideal Customers

Digital Direct Marketing

Without Digital Direct Marketing you’re missing the Ideal Customers

To find the right customers online without wasting time and money, contact DigDev and discover how our internationally acclaimed digital direct marketing strategies have helped companies big and small flourish.

If you’re struggling to grow your business, it may be time to re-evaluate why you’re missing out on the right customers. Maybe you’re still using old-school advertising techniques like print and radio spots. Or perhaps you’ve taken the leap online but are aimlessly sending messages to un targeted audiences, hoping that one will stick. Repeatedly ending up in someone’s Spam box is a certain way to lose a customer. Or you may think that the number of clicks a customer makes is the only way to calculate the success of your online advertising campaign. If so, it’s time to make a serious effort to zoom in on the right clients and launch a surefire digital and direct marketing plan. Industry leader DigDev not only creates and guides your new program, but finds the perfect customers, engages them with personalized content and, most importantly, develops a continued and interactive relationship with them to ensure customer retention. And your customers will love you for it because they will be able to choose how they receive the content. All pros, no cons.

Worldwide over 2 billion people shop online. The number is staggering. But how many of these shoppers really want what you have to sell? You need a targeted digital marketing plan to sift through this information and capture the ideal customers. We’ve got you covered. Our proprietary consumer data sets can ignite the potential of almost 300 million permission-based email addresses with matching ‘clean’ postal information that’s been checked. We can obtain prospects’ mobile numbers so you can connect on multiple channels. Afterall, the more avenues, the better—all resulting in higher campaign response rates and visibility. This also lowers the cost per conversion because you own the data and can use it the way that best fits your consumers’ needs. Our programs also offer superior website landing page content, social media posts and search engine optimization, so you can blow away the competition, improve brand awareness and increase sale and revenue.Plus, our innovative ‘search and deploy’ strategy identifies the best keywords and sends customized messages to individuals based on their browsing history. So we make every keyword count. With more than 90% of searchers undecided as they go online to buy, make sure your company stands out. Leverage all your multi-channel efforts. Contact DigDev to make it happen.

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