Which Social Media Platform Is The Most Valuable

Which Social Media Platform Is The Most Valuable

You know your business needs to be on social media but you aren’t sure which platform would be the most valuable for you. For starters, you need to be on all of them. Even if you never get a single lead from one of them, they are free, get ranked well on Google and other search engines and help with branding.

Not A Simple Answer

The problem with asking which social media platform is best for you is that there really isn’t an answer. It comes down to what you are doing, where your audience is and how you can reach them. For example, a local restaurant is going to see better interaction with people on Facebook and Instagram because customers can tag themselves at the location, those platforms focus more on visual posts like pictures and graphics and they are better for targeting an audience based on location.

However, if you run a company that deals with other insurance companies and you need to reach out to brokers and agents then LinkedIn marketing will be your best bet. That’s where you can target people based on their professions and make sure they see your information. Facebook marketing will allow you to target based on occupation but the information isn’t as proven as with LinkedIn.

  • Facebook: The best part about this site is that your company page can actually function as a website. You are able to speak with customers, they can call you, get updates on sales you are having, buy products through your page and more. They can also see important information like your location, hours of operation and share news with their friends. An added bonus is that they can also tag themselves at your location and you are seen by their friends and family.
  • Instagram: This is a great platform if you have a lot of picture and video content. You can utilize up to 30 hashtags to get more eyes on your posts and each day offers something new with trending topics. You can link through your Facebook as well, comment and interact with followers. New features also allow you to offer promotions and encourage people to shop from your profile.
  • Twitter: Twitter was the original platform for hashtags and it’s still used today. This is a great way to share news, blogs or statuses if you are writing about a trending topic. Also, one of the reasons businesses love using Twitter is because they can post every hour so if you have a lot of news to share or want to share it multiple times, you can do it on here without flooding your followers with too much information.
  • LinkedIn: If you do anything that has to do with B2B then LinkedIn marketing is where you want to be. It’s the best place to target people based on their job, rather than their personal interests. Another major advantage of this platform is that it’s very popular with Google so articles, posts and even posts made on Slide Share are often ranked very well and receive quality traffic.

While it would be nice to give you a clear cut answer, the fact is that when it comes to social media marketing, every business will see different results. However, the one thing that is clear regardless of who you are is that you need to produce quality content in order to see any real results. That’s the best way to get engagement, build a following and even see some conversions down the road as you continue moving forward with your efforts.

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