Twitter Marketing Tips

Twitter Marketing Tips

Are you trying to figure out if twitter marketing is worth your time and effort? Business owners are always faced with difficult decisions. You only have so much time during the day and so much money to allocate towards your advertising budget. If something isn’t going to produce a solid ROI then why would you stick with it? That’s the question many business owners ask and it’s actually a mistake. You cannot look at things as cut and dry ROI anymore. The fact is that you may never see a single sale because of social media but you can bet your competitors will still spend thousands of dollars a year on it. You have to understand the real advantages social media brings to your company.

  • Branding: “Oh, I haven’t heard of them.” Companies do not want to spend money on branding anymore because they do not see immediate results. However, think about how many times someone finds you online through one of your other marketing efforts and wants to buy your product or service. However, they’ve never heard of you and that makes them hesitant to buy from you. That’s why you need to invest in branding.
  • SEO: Sticking with the same example, that person who is on the fence about buying from you decides to search for you on Google. They find your website but that’s it. No Twitter account, no Facebook page, nothing. That looks very shady and will probably scare them away from making the purchase. Consumers not only want to see that you have accounts but they want to see that you are active. It shows you are serious and you are not going anywhere.
  • Connect: You would be amazed how often you are able to connect with potential customers or even major influencers in your industry. For example, a car dealership runs an ad about a big sale. Potential customers will see it as well as social media profiles that like to share local business news. These profiles are called influencers; they are simply trying to build an audience by sharing the information other people post.

You can see that there are plenty of benefits to being active. So how do you get better results from your efforts without spending a small fortune?

The key to a successful twitter marketing campaign is to:

  • Add Content: Make sure you post every day. Because the stream moves so quickly you really want to post 2-5 times per day. Don’t be afraid to share the same message, just write it a little differently and use different hashtags.
  • Mix Things Up: Post a blog, add a cool picture or video in the mix as well. Don’t always go for promotional because people will lose interest fast.
  • Ask Questions: You are allowed to not only ask questions but create polls that people have 24 hours to vote on. This is a great way to encourage interaction.
  • Use Hashtags: Hashtags are great because they add viewership to your post. Find some popular ones that are relevant to what you’re writing about. The day of the week, business, health, advice and ones like this are all great to start with.
  • Stay Current: If you can relate your post to something that is trending it’s going to get more views. For example, if your restaurant is having a special promotion for Mother’s Day or any other holiday, make sure you post that throughout the month because Mother’s Day will be trending.

Twitter marketing is not going to double your sales overnight. However, it’s a great way to increase brand awareness, introduce yourself to a new audience and promote yourself. Make sure you keep your account active and eventually you will see your following increase.



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