The Youthful Allure of Instagram: Why It is Still Popular with Tweens and Teens

The Youthful Allure of Instagram

The Youthful Allure of Instagram: Why It is Still Popular with Tweens and Teens

It is no secret that most tweens and teens love socializing and taking selfies. These are two of the main reasons Instagram—since its inception in 2010—has remained so popular with the younger generation. The Pew Research Center reports that almost three-quarters of teens are enjoying interacting on Instagram, largely in part because of the social nature of this platform that builds relationships with community and friends. In fact, about 63% of teens surveyed by E-marketer said they used the platform daily. So, chances are high that if you spot teens taking a selfie, they are likely posting it on Instagram…a highly reliable marketing investment.

Experts from the Ford Agency Council advise meeting tweens and teens where they are. It is all about the visual these days. The use of pictures and brief visual media on Instagram make it a natural allure for young people using it to express themselves. Teens yearning for authenticity are enticed by Instagram’s use of a story in pictures. So, the Council advises, brands that use beautiful images to tell a good story will win the hearts of millennials.

Gen Z is also into memes, particularly on Instagram. Experts warn that if your company is not capturing its brand with a clever meme, then you are losing out on a demographic that is hungry for pithy captions and captivating pix. And with each meme, you are likely to win some shares and re-posts. Plus brownie points for being ‘cool.’

Brand engagement cannot be understated. In a 2019 survey of U.S. teens, fully 70% said they prefer brands connect with them about new products through Instagram. This is especially important for influence marketing. Another survey reported that 60% of marketers’ engagement was fueled by Instagram despite their posting less than 20% on the platform. That is a lot of bang for the buck, leaving market researchers to wonder what the numbers could look like if more effort were invested into Instagram postings.

The bold, clean, and linear aesthetic of Instagram also make it a very trendy look that appeals to young viewers. With ads in a variety of color categories—story, photo, collection, video and carousel, marketers have many tools to sell their brand.

Finally, if you do not believe Pew or Forbes, trust a teenager to tell the truth about why Instagram is hip. Hypebot asked and some of the responses are worth taking note. Among them: “higher quality,” “I will come back and scroll through an application that has content I enjoy” and “it hasn’t been flooded with the older generation yet.”

For those of us in the marketing industry over 24 (considered by many to be the end of Gen Z), some new lessons straight from our youngest—and perhaps most honest—consumers.

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