Do Likes And Followers Matter Anymore?

Do Likes And Followers Matter Anymore?

If you have been involved in social media marketing for more than five years, you’ve seen several changes in strategy, costs, engagement, targeting options and more. Ten years ago, the strength of your social media marketing was based on how many followers and likes you had on your profile. Now, that number isn’t as important and it’s something that many companies completely ignore.

Ideally, if someone were to view your company profile page, you would want them to see that you have thousands of followers who engage in your posts with likes, comments and shares. This not only shows that your active, but that you are also producing quality content that people enjoy. You also want to be able to use this platform to promote new deals to your audience, educate them on new products or services and more.

Where Likes and Followers Matter

On Facebook, likes are important because you can organically reach some of your followers with your post. You can also market to the rest of that audience and know that you have a higher chance of engagement because they are already familiar with your brand. Instagram offers more exposure to your followers as far as their ability to see your content and you can also introduce your brand to new people with the use of hashtags. Both platforms have a story option where you can show new content to your audience as well and know who saw it. You also can target certain locations organically with tagging and appear in posts when people search those areas.

Where They Don’t Matter

Facebook limits how many of your followers see your content organically. It’s something that frustrates business owners, especially if they put in a lot of time and energy to generate thousands of likes. Again, Instagram is a little better as far as sharing your content organically and this is where followers will have more of an impact.

What To Focus On

If you are creating a new profile or page, your goal should be to focus on content, especially if you are not ready to boost. Companies that focus on likes and followers are missing the boat when it comes to social media marketing. Right now, focus on giving people a reason to look at, read, watch and engage your content. If you can get them to do that, likes and followers won’t matter as much, and you will see your organic following begin to grow considerably.

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