Marketing Tips For LinkedIn

Marketing Tips For LinkedIn

Linked marketing is a little different than other social media platforms because it mainly focuses on B2B. The thing you have to remember about marketing is there are two main focuses; branding and targeting. You put your brand out there for everyone to see so they become familiar with it and you target the right audience so that they see your ads. If you need to do B2B then this is the best social media platform to use because you can target and network with people based on the industry they are in. If you are new to this platform, here are a few LinkedIn marketing tips to help you get started:

  • Focus on you: Unfortunately, while LinkedIn is designed for the business side of things, it’s actually more focused on the business person than the company. For example, you can write a blog on your personal profile that can be seen by millions of people and even ranks well on Google. Your company page cannot which is why you need to build up your own profile.
  • SlideShare is your friend: If you haven’t heard about SlideShare you should go check it out. It’s a great platform that works for B2B as well as B2C. You basically take a power point or blog and post it to there, it ranks well on Google and is seen by thousands of people. The most popular topics are about tech, informative pieces of content and other things that people will be interested in but everyone can benefit from using it.
  • Don’t be shy: You can connect with as many people as you want so keep adding them. Another tool that’s great to use is the groups you can join. If you are looking to network with people in a certain field, you can search for groups and interact with them there.
  • Share your company posts: Whenever you post something for your company make sure you share it through your personal account. If you have employees encourage them to share the posts as well to make sure you get as much exposure as possible.
  • Connect on other platforms: You write a great blog and post it to your profile, sharing it with your connections as well as in groups. That’s great but what’s next? Why not share it on other social platforms like Facebook and Twitter? If you already have profiles and followers/friends, why not get more eyes on your content?

If you are considering using social media for B2B marketing then LinkedIn is the best platform to use. Make sure that you keep your account active and post every day. Connect with people in the right industry and make sure that you are utilizing all the advantages it offers. Not only can the content be shared throughout other sites like Facebook and Twitter, but you can also get rankings on search engines which will get even more eyes on your content.

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