How Changes In Social Media Marketing Impact My Business

How Changes In Social Media Marketing Impact My Business

Whether it’s Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, the top platforms have been making big changes to the way you can market your business on social media. Their goal is to make more money while also creating a friendlier and easier experience for the user. This isn’t the best news for you as people who are following your page will see fewer of your posts. That’s really amazing when you think about it, you have to now pay to have your followers see what you’re posting.

It’s not fair and social media seems to be following that trend even more. They know that companies will pay because their average user is on their platforms for hours a day. In fact, people are spending anywhere from 3-5 hours a day on the top platforms. Imagine that, think of how much time that actually is? This is how Facebook marketing can charge whatever it wants for you to reach their users.

So How Do You Improve Your Social Media Marketing Efforts

  • Good content: The number one rule of social media marketing and the thing that will never change is to make sure you have good content. A quality video, a funny image, an interesting blog will always get more engagement and responses whether you are paying for it or not. If you post boring content your responses will be very poor.
  • Link it up: Make sure that everything is linked together. If someone visits your website, they should be able to easily find your social pages. Furthermore, if someone follows you on Twitter, make sure you send out posts encouraging them to follow you on other profiles as well.
  • People love free stuff: A great way to get responses is to offer free stuff. Run a promotion where people can sign up, allowing you to capture their email. Then offer them extra entries if they share your posts or invite their friends to follow you. This works great and it’s cost-effective for you because you are giving away something very affordable like a free gift card or apparel.
  • Share the wealth: If you make a great video and post it on YouTube, make sure that you also share it on all your social profiles. Try showing the actual video, not just a link to the video to ensure that people can watch it on the platform they see the post on.

Taking your social media marketing to the next level means understanding the changes each platform makes as well as knowing the best way to engage your followers and audience to encourage them to respond and interact.


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