Adding Data To Your Marketing

Adding Data To Your Marketing

What type of marketing have you done in the past 12 months? Are you spending time on Google, social media, running ads via email or YouTube? Who is receiving your ads and are they responding? The problem most businesses run into with their marketing is that they do not invest enough time and money into making sure it produces quality results. For example, you run a single Facebook ad and get some traffic but no sales.

Why do you think you should have gotten sales? Did you target the right audience? Have they ever seen your content before? So, you sent a single ad to someone who has never heard of your brand and was not searching for the products or services you sell, but you were still looking for results? Does that make much sense?

You have to change your strategy and start utilizing data in your efforts. This is the process to follow for an effective marketing strategy with data:

  1. Analyze your data: The best way to know who your customers are is to take a look at those who have already shopped with you. We can analyze your data and get valuable information including age, gender, location, shopping habits, personal interests, income, marital status, if they rent or own their home, if they have children, education and so much more.
  2. Identify the platforms: There are multiple platforms that allow you to reach a targeted audience. We will use the information pulled from your data to identify which of these platforms are best including email, social media and display advertising. If it’s a combination of multiple ones, we can utilize the same information so that the same person sees your content on multiple channels.
  3. Create quality content: Whether it’s videos or images, you want to create content that reflects your brand as far as design and color and make sure that everything looks similar. This is because if someone sees an ad from multiple sources you want them to know that it’s from the same company.
  4. Launch and launch again: If you have a Black Friday sale coming up, you need to send an email to the audience weeks before. This is when people have started to research what they are going to shop for, and you want to make sure your brand and promotion are on their minds. Next, you want to add social media ads and banner display ads to the mix. This will promote your content on apps and sites that the user is on hours throughout the day. Another email campaign is recommended as you get closer to Black Friday.

Following these methods and utilizing data for your marketing is essential in getting your content to the audience multiple times. It’s estimated that a consumer has to see your content 10-20 times before they engage it. Again, if you are only sending out a campaign once or twice, can you really expect any results? That’s why you have to improve the strategy, have realistic expectations and utilize data to reach the best possible audience.

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