Tag You’re It; Encouraging Customers To Tag You On Social Media

Tag You’re It; Encouraging Customers To Tag You On Social Media

Marketing is one of the most competitive fields in business today. There are so many ways to market your company but not every platform is going to be right for you. For example, a restaurant will find more advantages with social media than a doctor potentially will. However, that doesn’t mean the doctor should avoid being on social media, it just means they need to find the most effective platforms to use.

One thing most businesses would benefit from is positive customer interaction. This includes tagging and reviews. If you’re unfamiliar with tagging it’s when a customer walks into your facility and goes on Facebook, Instagram or other platforms and tags themselves at that location or they make a post and tag your business in it. Either way they are announcing to everyone that they are using your products or services.

Why Is Tagging Good?

You may not realize it but this is one of the most effective marketing tactics you can find. Even better than reviews, which are only seen by people reviewing your company, when someone tags you in a post they are informing their friends and family that they are using your services. It’s literally free advertising and a great recommendation by a customer.

How Do I Get More Tags?

Understanding the value of getting this kind of interaction, your next question is how to get more of it. Obviously, this will be more challenging for some businesses. Again, a restaurant is going to get more tags than a doctor’s office. However, there are a few things you can do to encourage customers to share the love:

  • Offer a discount: If someone is standing in your store and are about to make a purchase, why not offer a small discount to encourage them to share their purchase on social media? It’s a win-win for everyone as they save a little money and you get free advertising.
  • Have a promotion: If you really want to get the word out, get more followers and have more visitors then you can always run a promotion. Based on the service or product you offer you have several ways of doing it but the more people who take part in the promotion, the more eyes are on your brand.
  • Just ask: Don’t be afraid to ask your happy customers to write a review and mention you in a Facebook, Twitter or Instagram post. More than likely they will be happy to do it because they want to support the places they like to shop at.
  • Respond when it does happen: When someone does make a post and mentions you, be sure to thank them, comment, like it and even share it. People post because they want feedback and interaction and the first place that should come from is you. This also shows their friends that you are interactive and builds trust with the brand.

Getting your name out there is one thing, but having people recommend you to their friends and family is a great way to increase viewership and traffic. Rather than hoping that they verbally recommend you, they can quickly do it via social media. Just remember to encourage your customers to do so and thank them when they do.

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