Instagram Marketing Tips

Instagram Marketing Tips

Instagram marketing has pushed itself to the forefront of social media marketing and it doesn’t appear to be going anywhere anytime soon. Its popularity is undeniable and plenty of people have become “Instafamous.” The term refers to individuals who have gained tens of thousands of followers or more. Companies pay these people to promote their products or events.

How Can I Use Instagram Marketing To Benefit Me?

The social media platform can benefit your company in two different ways. The first is building your brand. Brand recognition is underrated but it’s more important than ever. Consumers have so many options available to them via the internet and they aren’t sure who to trust. If they recognize your brand they are far more likely to make a purchase from you than someone they are unfamiliar with.

Another way this platform can help you advertise is when you need to promote a sale or major event. If you have a high-quality ad you can broadcast it to your followers as well as put a small ad budget behind it to expand the reach. Here are some other things you can do to maximize results:

  • Make Friends: Obviously the goal is to get followers but it’s not a bad idea to get some friends as well. Begin networking with influencers, people who have thousands of followers and will be open to sharing your post in return for the same thing. If they have a far greater audience than you do you may want to consider offering something else like a share on other social media platforms, a blog linking back to their site or something else.
  • Hashtags Are A Must: Every post should include 10-15 hashtags or more. Don’t be afraid to use the same ones each day and add some new ones. For example, if you were to use #vacation, you would notice that your post from today is near the top when you search that term. However, it will drop tomorrow as more people use the same hashtag. Therefore, you want to use the most important ones everyday to keep your posts near the top of that term.
  • Change The Link: Companies are frustrated because they are only allowed a single link in their bio and cannot ad one to their posts. While it’s not great for traffic it does create an opportunity as well. If you are doing a promotion or really want to drive traffic to a specific page don’t be afraid to say “Link In Bio” and change it to the page you want to get visits on. This encourages readers to check it out, a kind of Call To Action.

If you are still on the fence about how effective Instagram marketing or any social media platform will be for you then just take a few minutes to scroll down your feed. You will see lawn care companies, attorneys, local restaurants, car insurance and other businesses advertising on these platforms. Are they all expecting to make sales? Probably not, who is going to follow a car insurance company and buy from them off of Instagram? But when you go to buy car insurance you are going to go with the one you recognize and feel more familiar with. That’s why it doesn’t matter what you do, you need to start building your brand and get in front of your audience.

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