How To Market Yourself For The End Of 2019

How To Market Yourself For The End Of 2019

Hasn’t this year flown by already? It feels like just yesterday you were making New Year’s resolutions and now you are trying to plan for 2020. Hopefully it’s been a solid year for you but one of the things you may not be happy with at this point is your marketing. Whether you’ve seen results or not, there’s always room for improvement and part of the problem is that you have to find ways to end the year strong. It doesn’t matter if you are in insurance, a doctor, retail or are an attorney, you need to end the year the right way because it greatly impacts the way you start things for next year.

Your main concern right now is to identify what worked, what didn’t and how you can improve on both. You do not want to talk about increasing your budget, rather you want to find ways to better utilize your existing budget. Before you start making changes, take a moment to look at what may have gone wrong and why. So, what are some of the reasons your marketing efforts may have not performed well so far?

No Google Presence

If you are looking at SEO from a conversion standpoint or a way to drive in sales, you are really missing the value. On the other hand, if you are looking at it as a way to reinforce your brand online and improve the conversion ratings of other marketing efforts, then you will have success. You have to think like a consumer in this case. If someone receives an email from you or sees an ad on social media, they may or may not be interested at that time. It really is that simple. Eventually, if you keep sending content to them, they will click on the ad.

Do you expect them to buy something from you the first time they visit your site? In reality, that’s probably not going to happen. Instead, what the consumer is most likely to do is browse your website for a few minutes and if they want to buy from you or are considering buying from you, they will go to Google to research your business. Are you well known and liked in your industry? Do your customers have a good experience buying from you? How long have you been around? Are you among the top businesses in your vertical? These are the questions they want answers to and if you do not have a solid Google presence, they will not buy from you.

Imagine getting an email from a company and when you go to check them out on Google you do not see anything? That doesn’t give you a lot of trust in the brand. If you want your conversions up, look at your Google presence first.

Improving Frequency

Perhaps the problem isn’t your Google presence. Maybe you simply are not hitting the audience enough. Think of how you gather information throughout the day. You receive 20-100 emails, see hundreds of ads on television, social media, on websites and apps you are visiting and so forth. Do you remember each one of them or even respond to them? Probably not. The only way digital marketing works is to continuously hit the audience over and over again. The average consumer will not respond to an ad unless you hit them 8-50 times. That’s why you cannot do a campaign or two and expect results.

Where Are You Sending Traffic To?

This is another issue that comes up with digital marketing. Your home page should not be the landing spot for traffic if you are promoting a single service or product. Do not expect the visitor to be ready to browse your site for a few minutes. For example, if you own a dealership and you send out an ad for trucks, you cannot send the person to a page that only shows cars and expect them to take their time and look around on your site for truck promotions. Send them to the exact product or service you are promoting to them or make sure they see something immediately when they go to your site that reflects your ad.

There are several reasons why marketing campaigns may not work. Your budget was too small, you didn’t send ads at the right time, the color and content didn’t grab attention or something else. Regardless of the reason, there are tweaks you can do that will make drastic improvements to your marketing efforts and allow you to see better conversions for the rest of the year. Don’t quit, learn improve and see more the next time around.

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