Putting Your Advertising Efforts On Display

Putting Your Advertising Efforts On Display

Among the choices for advertising are television and radio ads. The idea used to be simple, millions of people hear or see your ad on a continued basis and even if they do not react to it, they see your name and your promotion and it helps build your brand, eventually leading to a sale. This is the old school method for getting eyes on your brand. You cannot prove numbers, you cannot prove that it gets results and it’s very expensive.

A New Solution

Rather than paying to have your ads ran in the middle of the night or during a popular show that’s being recorded so that people can fast-forward through the commercials anyway, you can create display ads that are broadcasted on popular websites throughout the day. We’ve all seen them; they are the banner advertisements found at the top and on the sides of a web page and seem to follow us around wherever we go.

Are Display Ads Right For Me?

You may be curious what the difference is between this option and the others that you are more experienced using. Here are the main things you need to know:

  • Lower cost per click: When you compare the cost per click of these banners to those of regular search via PPC, the cost is much lower. You can pay 10 cents a click or lower because the real advantage is the impressions you are getting to your ad rather than just the actual clicks.
  • More aggressive marketing: PPC and SEO are great tools but they also rely on the consumer visiting a search engine site like Google in order to get you traffic. This is a more aggressive form of advertising as you are putting the banners in front of the consumer on sites they frequently visit.
  • Works great with retargeting: Once they see your advertisement you want to make sure that they see it again and again. If they click on the banner, the good news is that you can make sure that your image follows them on other sites they visit, usually for 90-120 days. This is a great tool as retargeting has a high conversion rate.
  • Excellent tracking: Did it work? That’s what you need to know at the end of the day in order to know whether to invest more time and money into it. You will know exactly what the results are as you are able to get detailed tracking and reporting that covers; what types of sites the visitor was on, what time of day, level of interest and so much more.

Display Ads add to your tool belt of advertising resources and work great with Google marketing via SEO and PPC. Sometimes you cannot wait for the consumer to look for you, you need to be more aggressive and put yourself out there. This is a great way of doing that and keeping the budget reasonable.

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