Kickstarter Marketing Plan

Kickstarter Marketing Plan

The Kickstarter crowdfunding platform is a great way to take an idea to the next level. Tens of thousands of creators have used the platform to fund mass production of their products and it has quickly become the best way to build up a business with a single idea. So you’re sold on the platform but how do you make it work? How do you maximize your income and expand your idea into something that is going to really make you money?

Marketing On Kickstarter A great example of an effective Kickstarter marketing strategy would be that of Solight Design and their portable and rechargeable camping LED solar lanterns that have become quite popular. They do not require batteries and can be easily stored anywhere including in a car, luggage or on boats. Solight had hundreds of professional pictures taken and made several videos for the campaign and was well established on social media. While they also have their own website, the campaign was to run directly through Kickstarter. Here’s how it worked:

Social Media: An effective strategy combining videos and pictures with daily posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google + started getting attention. Then a basic budget of $1,500 for the duration of the campaign was put towards Facebook ads. This budget was spread out over a few weeks and posts were seeing thousands of likes and shares.

Email: An email campaign was launched to over 100,000 outdoor enthusiasts. While the lights would be great for anyone, directly targeting those who would have the most interest in the product proved to yield better results.

Video & Pictures: While the company had a solid collection of high-quality pictures and videos they did require a lot of editing, especially for Facebook and Google ads. The DigDev Direct creative team was able to quickly create ads with the available pictures that received a 34% increase in clicks and customer interaction than previous pictures used by the client.

Result: Within a matter of days Solight Design was able to exceed their goals for Kickstarter and increased their marketing budget following the campaign. The company had its most successful year and is launching a new site focusing on SEO, Social Media Marketing, Press Releases, Google Adwords & Retargeting, Email and more.

The Kickstarter crowdfunding platform is a fantastic way to introduce your new product and generate revenue for mass production. However, it is well proven that the most successful projects on this platform also put money into an aggressive marketing campaign including high-quality commercials, email, social media and more.

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