Building An Audience With Facebook & Instagram Live

Building An Audience With Facebook & Instagram Live

It’s impossible to have Facebook or Instagram and not know about the Live feature. This feature has opened doors to social media marketing that companies are desperate to take advantage of. But why is it so popular and how do you take advantage of it?

If you research television viewership, live shows seem to do far better than taped ones. Obviously, there are certain shows that have to be taped, but when compared to similar types of programing, live episodes tend to do better. An example of this is with sports. Pregame and postgame programing that’s filmed live and on-site tend to do far better than programs that are filmed in the studio. What is the difference between a team of experts talking about the big game at 10 in their studio and showing it at 11 versus another group of experts live at the stadium with a frantic crowd behind them?

There’s something about going live that makes people want to tune in and check it out. However, if your company is not equipped to do this then that can present a bit of a challenge. You have to be able to show people something amazing, give them content that they are going to be interested in.

However, never try to predict what the viewer wants to see. Experiment with different ideas, times, days and see what works the best. For example, one week you give viewers a tour of your office and facilities. The next week, at a different time and day of the week, you put on a presentation about news regarding your company or advice that benefits people. The following week, you just show a pizza party on Friday or a company picnic, showing how fun you are as a business. This is the kind of content that people want to watch because it’s different from what they normally see.

What Is The Goal?

You may be wondering how showing a pizza party is going to help you make sales? It’s not, but what it will do is get more people interested in and aware of your brand. That builds trust and trust is important when you are asking people for their time and money. A consumer is far more likely to go with a company that they feel familiar with, even if that company charges a little more than the competition. Trust is a key factor and the best and fastest way to build that trust is by introducing your brand to them over and over again.

Instagram and Facebook Live are great tools to get your brand out there to an audience, introducing them to you your business and building a trust that can lead to years of business.

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