A New Way To Use Facebook For Ad Campaigns

Facebook Ad Campaign

A New Way To Use Facebook For Ad Campaigns

If you are one of those people who looks for the latest and greatest thing, then get ready for a new opportunity with the use of Facebook. One of the biggest challenges with marketing on social media is that you see plenty of engagement and traffic, but few conversions and sales. Why is that? Part of the reason is that people are on there for information, entertainment, to communicate with friends and keep track of what’s going on in the day to day world. They are not interested in buying things which is why you tend to see more challenges with campaigns.

However, because social media audiences have a higher engagement and retention rate than audiences on other platforms, it’s easy to see why companies invest so much money into Facebook, Instagram and other sites. The good news is that new there’s a new and affordable way to generate interest from social media and even capture valuable information that can help you improve your marketing moving forward. Automated form fill options are becoming very popular as you are able to get the email address and even phone number of targeted consumers. Rather than trying to motivate people to buy from you, Facebook allows you to capture their information so that you can contact them directly.

Why is this important for you and future marketing efforts? Imagine having a contest where you are giving away a free product or service that you offer. Normally, you would spend $1,000 on the campaign and have nothing but traffic to show for it and hopefully some sales. Now, you can run the same campaign and instead of hoping for sales, you capture the email addresses of consumers. Now you can email them directly, allowing them to develop trust with your brand and taking a more serious interested in your future promotions.

Email marketing generates more sales and conversions when the consumer is seeing the brand for the 5th time or more. Because of that, building your own database with the use of social media is not only smart, it’s very affordable. This new feature for form fills not only generates more responses, but it also allows you to decide which information you want. If your social media marketing has been lacking when it comes to performance, this may be the change that you need to make to see better results and improve the overall ROI of your campaigns.

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