U.S. Navy

U.S. Navy

About The Brand

– Increase brand awareness and present the full and part-time opportunities and benefits of joining the US Navy / Navy Reserve

– Drive potential candidates to www.usnavy.com

– Generate new recruitment leads


The US Navy chose to capitalize on DigDev Direct’s ability to offer a multi-channel solution and execute a campaign that included both Permission based email and mobile marketing. Reserve / Active Duty and Reserve NPS (Non Prior Service) prospects were targeted to receive the HTML Teaser email followed by the PUSH text message to cell phones approximately 2 days later (unless they respond directly to the email) Depending on the keyword they used when responding (full time / part time), they received either the Navy or Navy Reserve PULL text message All prospects received the Reminder email


Over twenty thousand potential recruits clicked thru to the US Navy lead generation website and several hundred asked to be contacted by a recruiter as a direct result of the SMS mobile campaign. Not only did the Email / Mobile multi-channel approach back out into one of the most cost effective forms of lead generation for the US Navy but it proved to be a formula for success at capturing the attention of all individuals age 18 to 30 years old.