Delray Acura & Hyundai

Delray Acura & Hyundai

About The Brand


  • Target auto intenders and owners of competitive makes and models
  • Increase traffic to website and store location
  • Increase to the contribution of new car sales and leases
  • Capture a greater market share in surrounding cities and specific zip codes


To execute an effective conquest campaign, Delray Acura & Hyundai utilized DigDev Direct’s automotive file and deployment services. DigDev Direct identified nearly 348,000 permission based email subscriber’s that met Delray Acura & Hyundai’s target audience. DigDev Direct executed a multi-tier campaign focused on reach and frequency and presented each potential customer with three (3) money saving automotive offers highlighting new 2014 vehicles.


During a thirty (30) day period, nearly 110,000 targeted email subscribers viewed Delray Acura & Hyundai’s offer and DigDev Direct was able to drive close to 13,000 qualified prospects to the client’s website. DigDev Direct provided Delray Acura & Hyundai with the postal address for all of the email subscribers that received the offer and after performing a sales match, Delray Acura & Hyundai matched 92 of the 247 vehicle sales (37%) to those that had received the targeted email campaign. As a result, Delray Acura & Hyundai has already renewed the program twice and decided to continue monthly email programs with DigDev Direct on an ongoing basis.