Mercedes-Benz Brampton

Mercedes-Benz Brampton

About The Brand

2017 Mercedes-Benz Brampton promotion of a “Match Your Down Payment Event” targeting consumers based on geo, income and interest in auto.


Mercedes-Benz Brampton has been a client of DigDev Direct since 2015.


Utilize database to reach targeted audience with promotion. 3 campaigns completed prior to the event. Goals of campaign include:

– Generate web traffic to main website and landing page showcasing the “Match Your Down Payment Event”

– Increase calls and walk-ins directly to the dealership

– Prove email is a cost-effective way to showcase promotion and can be utilized for future events


Men & Women above the age of 40, income over $100,000, located within 50 miles of the dealership and have an interested in automotive.


DigDev Direct deployed over 50,000 emails in 3 separate campaigns spread out over 3 weeks. All campaigns saw an open rate of over 11% and 650+ clicks, a CTR of over 1.15%. Compared to other marketing efforts, DigDev Direct provided a more cost-effective option based on cost per click, cost per lead. Each new vehicle inquiry from the email campaign met the qualifications of the dealership including income. The client was very pleased with the campaign including efficiency and results and will continue to utilize email marketing in their future campaigns.