Beverley Hills

Beverley Hills

About The Brand

Fall 2012


Various Beverly Hills Hotel brands targeted affluent adults in the promotion of its “Fall Into Luxury” package, which highlighted $100 hotel credit and free room upgrade.


– Utilize a demo and geo-targeted email campaign to ramp up website traffic and reservations from adults in select major-market areas, targeted according to their age and household income

– Help grow the clientís presence in major social networks, specifically Facebook and Twitter


Adults 25-54
HHI $150K+
Geo targeted to specific ìfly marketsî – New York, Dallas, Miami and Chicago.


The delivery of 2.45 million emails resulted in over 250,000 targeted ad impressions and 25,000+ website visitors. Additionally, DigDev Direct was able to deliver several thousand visitors to clientís Facebook and Twitter pages, providing a significant boost in their followers. The overall success of the campaign led to DigDev Direct being scheduled for future deployments, despite the accountís transition to a new agency of record.