About The Brand

– Build awareness surrounding their Nationally Recognized 3-Day and 5-Day Promotions

– Increase website traffic

– Increase new customers by offering significant discounts on specific mobile devices

– Build awareness and increase signups for Verizon Bundled Services (FIOS Triple Play & FIOS Double Play)


To execute an effective switcher campaign and promote their exclusive, online only offer, Verizon contracted the digital services of DigDev Direct, primarily due to vast wealth of intelligence and cross marketing capabilities offered by DigDev Direct’s consumer database. By identifying the mobile carrier thru the NPA_NXX number, DigDev Direct was able to target Non-Verizon customers and present them with an incentive to switch carriers. Additionally, Verizon was able to promote their bundled residential packages to their geographic service footprint.


During an eighteen (18) month period, DigDev Direct successfully reached over nine million (9,000,000) Non-Verizon Wireless consumers and an additional twenty-five million (25,000,000) heads of households within Verizonís geographic markets. As a result of DigDev Direct’s permission based email campaigns, nearly five million (5,000,000) potential customers viewed Verizonís current promotion and over six hundred thousand (600,000) recipients found the offer compelling enough to visit Verizonís website where they had an opportunity to sign up for service. As a result of the campaign, Verizon Wireless and Verizon Residential have decided to include permission based email in all of its customer acquisition efforts moving forward.