Direct TV

Direct TV

About The Brand

– Build awareness surrounding their limited offer to save $150 for new Direct TV Service

– Continue to inform consumers about the advantages to Direct TV service versus Dish Network

– Promote NFL Sunday Ticket and NCAA March Madness

– Increase website traffic & new customers


Direct TV decided to add permission based email to its traditional market efforts and create a unique customer acquisition email list. By combining a wealth of information, including geography, cable service provider, household income and sports enthusiast, Direct TV was able to model their ideal customer and execute a multi-tier acquisition campaign.


DigDev Direct was able to deliver over four hundred thousand (400,000) unique consumers to Direct TV’s website. This captive audience represented a pool of potential purchasers that rivaled any other form of direct marketing that Direct TV had engaged in. The viral buzz surround these campaigns were significant enough for Direct TV to plan to include DigDev Direct’s targeted data on future acquisition campaigns.