Time Warner

Time Warner

About The Brand

– Build awareness about their personalized solutions

– Increase website traffic Increase

– Sign ups for one or more of their following services: Internet
Phone, Cable TV & Music, Business Class Ethernet


To remain competitive and increase their market share in the telecommunications bundled services vertical, Time Warner Cable turned their customer acquisition efforts to permission based email. DigDev Direct’s permission based consumer and business email database provided a cost effective solution for TWC to reach their target audience. Given TWC’s stronghold in certain DMAs and lower presence in others, DigDev Direct’s geo targeting capabilities provided a necessary component that allowed the client to market to the areas that would yield the highest percentage of new customers.


During the first twelve (12) months, DigDev Direct successfully reached over seven million (7,000,000) consumers and key business decision makers in nearly thirty-five (35) markets across the United States. As a result of DigDev Direct’s digital branding services, which emphasized reach and frequency, nearly one hundred and seventy thousand (170,000) potential new customers visited TWC’s website where they had the option to sign up for a multitude of services. Based on the success of the campaign, TWC chose to sign a new12 month contract, during which the results have increased by nearly thirty percent.