B2B Marketing Tips

B2B Marketing Tips

There is nothing easy about B2B marketing. You have so much competition and your consumer is someone who doesn’t want to hear from you because they are busy trying to run their own business. It can be frustrating because traditional advertising methods don’t work as well in this area and you have fewer resources and options. To make matters worse, the cost per acquisition is going to be higher which means you need to make sure that you have a higher conversion rate.

The good news is that if you have a solid game plan and know where and what to look for, you can reach your ideal audience without breaking the bank. Here are some ways that you can market yourself to the right businesses:

  • Be Realistic: First and most importantly, you cannot be unrealistic. There is no magic list of every CEO in the country with their personal email and phone number. That doesn’t exist and you are not going to be able to find it. The best way to get to the boss is by going through the people that advise them on everything and by putting your name out there.
  • SEO: You cannot ignore the value SEO has, especially when it comes to business to business advertising. If an owner/manager needs something, they are going to go onto Google and other major search engines to find it. That’s where you want to be, ranked on the top page and in plain sight for them to find you.
  • LinkedIn Marketing: The people you are trying to reach are on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. So keep posting to those platforms because you may be able to reach the right audience. However, if you are trying to reach someone based on their job title or status, the best place to market is LinkedIn. This platform encourages you to network with people in different industries and provides the information you need to find them.
  • Collect Emails: Don’t be afraid to spend a little money on capturing emails and information. Having your own database is important because it allows you to keep people updated on any news, promotions or anything else you are having.
  • Content Is King: Keep posting, keep writing, keep coming up with images and videos. Content is the key to getting your name out there and making sure that the right people find you. However, it doesn’t all need to be promotional. Educate people with free tips, instructions and things that will either inform them of your products or service or ways to make their day a little easier. That’s how you build a real following.

Whether it’s utilizing social media, improving your SEO or something else, understand that B2B marketing is tricky and takes time. However, the best thing you can do is keep track of all your data. Don’t just look at the bottom line, utilize all the information you have access to. For example, with your LinkedIn marketing you want to keep track of which content got the best responses, how much the cost per click was, how many followers you gained and who you targeted. That will help you to make adjustments and improve your strategy along the way.

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